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Welcome to Bookworm Assassin guys! We're here to offer services for fanfiction writers! :)
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Hello bookworms out there!

I decided to put up this site because I want to help authors, that's all. I'm a simple person who loves all forms of arts. If there's one unique thing about me, it's my carriage. I love wearing shirts in doubles. My fashion statement is sporty. I'm a fan of Fahrenheit and SHE. I'm a writer; a sentimental one. I'm 5'4" in height, with fair complexion and long black hair.

Hope we can be friends! :) Enjoy browsing! :)




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DATE:Saturday, February 26, 2011 TIME:{1:27 AM} COMMENTS: (0) REPLIES

happy Valentines!!!
Hello guys! It's been quite a long time since I updated my blog. You see, things have been a taking all of my time away from my own liking.

Before anything else, I wanna greet you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

And to all singles out there, Happy Single- Awareness Day! :)

I have some female classmates whose admirers gave them bouquets and roses for today's occasion. Well, quite funny because we were literally teasing them and one of my professors even shoved one off, telling him to leave it for some other time. Well, some sort of a kill-joy she is. I mean, stuffs like such should be taken with awe and not with repugnance! Come on! It's Valentine's Day and she acted as if someone died! Her temper is getting to my nerves! The guy literally freaked out and never showed his face to us anymore; to save himself from further embarrassment.

I didn't receive anything from anyone today and I am absolutely thankful about it. You see, stuffs like such should be done not at times and age like this. I will appreciate it a hundred times more if I already have a stable job and doesn't have to worry about a pop quiz the next day.

As to my own lovelife, I don't care if no one gave me a damn. I know that he isn't here to begin with so how is he supposed to give anything for me. Right?

Oh yeah. I'm talking about the one fated to me. (:

I am a ChunElla fan and I kept on imagining them having a dinner date this Valentine's day. Well, that sort of satisfied my wild zealotry.

Also, I joined a Valentine's Special Challenge hosted by ArtAngel and they said that the winner will be announced today but apparently, it's already seven in GMT +8 but the winners aren't announced just yet. Anyway, the title of my story entry is Fourteen Days. Check it out if you want to. (:

As of now, I'll try to patch my life and try my best to shrug the laziness off my brain. Oh yeah. I have a full tank of it.

So, what now? Life goes on with or without Valentine's Day, right? See yah!
DATE:Monday, February 21, 2011 TIME:{5:48 PM} COMMENTS: (0) REPLIES